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Ash Wednesday

For Lent this year we are undertaking a series on the theme of 'Rehab' in the form of thematic preaching. Just like people who find themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol, people can come under the influence of habit forming evils and we all need to spend time assessing and re-evaluating our lives to see where we need help. Gambling, physiological, sex related issues, finance, relationships to name just a few.

We started on Ash Wednesday reviewing our mortality and our need for God in our lives on a daily basis. Then we looked at experiences in our lives as we pass through the wilderness, a dry and baron place where our faith and our lives are challenged.

The theme continues with:

  • intervention; a time when God makes us aware of our short comings and urges us to turn to him, admit our failings and ask for help
  • rehabilitation; as we share with each other our success and failure in our journey to kick the habit
  • recovery; letting the Holy Spirit work in our lives and recognising what Jesus achieved for us on the cross
  • promises; holding on to all that God has promised to those who turn to him
  • hope; taking comfort in the hope that Palm Sunday offers of our Saviour coming in triumph despite the opposition to his mission to save humankind.

    We are then in a good position to meet together on Easter Morning to celebrate our Saviour Jesus risen from the grave.

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