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Ct Stwds Day

Circuit stewards are responsible, with the Superintendent and the ministers and probationers appointed to the Circuit, for the spiritual and material well-being of the Circuit, and for upholding and acting upon the decisions of the Circuit Meeting.
So with the above in mind on Saturday 9th June 2018 Circuit Stewards from our Regional area came together in Bournemouth for a Training Day entitled Supporting You, Supporting Others. The event was led by the District Enabling Team and the Discipleship & Ministries Learning Network.
Those gathered had the opportunity to understand that yes they were called by God to undertake the role of a Circuit steward but for What, Why and How were the questions that need to be answered.
After prayer came a drama that gave pause for thought and generated a lot of discussion. Next came matching logos pinned around the room with the slogans printed on a sheet of paper. The upshot of the exercise being that if Tesco, Sainsbury, M&S and many others can sell themselves with short pithy logos, can we in our Circuits do the same?
An exercise on team characteristics demonstrated effectively how a group of Circuit Stewards is made up of people with differing capabilities. However when we work together we can use those abilities to support each other whilst in the power of the Holy Spirit working to see God's Mission to the church being fulfilled.
To gain a sense of where each Circuit was in relation to the other Circuits a giant named coloured jigsaw puzzle was slotted together (pictured). After which groups from neighbouring Circuits got together to discuss matters that had arisen at their last Circuit Stewards' meeting. Stationing in particular was mentioned by all groups.
Interspersed with all the talking and sharing were a number of refreshment breaks and over a delicious lunch folk had meaningful conversations about a variety of subjects relating to their role as a Circuit Steward in their area.
The afternoon sessions were led by the District Enabling Team who had visited a number of Circuits to hear what congregations had to say. The feedback was helpful and gave those gathered the impetus to think about the way ahead. Help and guidance was also offered to those who felt unsure in any area of their role.
The day was brought to a close with a poem entitled Cactus and Caterpillar by C.M. Kao, a prayer and a hymn. However those who wished to could chat with their Regional and District Officers over coffee.
Joyce Wild (Circuit Steward)

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