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Hi Ten is for children who range in age from toddlers to year 9 and their families/carers. We meet on the third Sunday of the month, 10.15 — 11.30 am. We start with breakfast snacks before moving on to the activities.
Come and join us!

While we have been closed Hi Ten have continued to meet monthly on Zoom. It has been great for us to see the children and their families and for us all to share news.
We have had fun. We have been joined on screen by their pets: dogs, rabbits and a hamster and the children have shown us their school projects and the craft activities they have been doing. Do look on the circuit website under Churches, Wimborne, Wimborne News, then scroll through to see photos of their fish and an Easter garden. We have had Bible and General Knowledge quizzes, learnt about the parable of the Father and His Two Sons and watched "Wesley's Wuppets " — (google them! ).
All of this in 36 minutes, before ending with a prayer.
Jenny and Margaret