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October Letter from our Superintendent
To all members and friends of the Christchurch and Wimborne Methodist Circuit.

I feel that I was just getting to know people in the different churches when the
lockdown happened, and everything was closed. However, just because our buildings
were shut, this has not meant that the life and work of God's Kingdom has been
sedentary or inactive.
God's Kingdom and will is far greater than any lockdown. The work of the Holy Spirit
has and remains highly active.
All around the Circuit, Ministers both Lay and Ordained have been extremely hard
working. Many taking the opportunity to minister in new ways. I thank the members
of the local churches who have carried on with pastoral care, phoning and writing to
folk when visiting has not been an option. The many buildings in the Circuit have also
had to be looked after. The risk assessments for each church and chapel were not a
straightforward matter and took many hours to complete. These were then carefully
checked over by Phil Seager, on behalf of the Circuit. This was a mammoth task. I am
so grateful, as I hope you are, to all who have, behind the scenes, as well as 'front of
house.' done so much. Too many to mention all by name.
A few may feel that during this time the churches and circuit are stagnant and not
achieving anything. Partly because we have not been able to hold a Circuit meeting
during this time. However, I have found this to not be the case, in fact quite the
I trust that many of you will have been able to engage with either the online worship
or the home worship sheets which have been available across our churches, and
indeed the Connexion.
It is a joy to see that the work of the Circuit and local churches has not stopped. In
fact, it is a wonder and delight to find new ways of being the Lord's disciples. Not
only for this time of pandemic, but for the 21st Century. From Zoom and YouTube
Worship to Zoom coffee morning and Bible studies, to Lego church (for more info on
Lego church you will need to ask Jackie Burgess) to online training events. People
have really thought outside of the box!
This is not to say that every society will stay in place, as they were in the 'old normal'.
Many Churches across the Connexion have already chosen not to reopen. Some may
see this as a negative situation. However, it can and may be an opportunity for
coming and working together. Pooling resources and talents. Dreaming dreams. The
scriptures are full of stories about leaving the old ways behind and starting afresh,
recreation and rebirth, into a new life. We should not and must not be afraid of this.
As I mentioned above it is about thinking outside of the box, rather than carrying on
the same way, as many have done for years or dare, I say decades. We pray 'God's
will be done.' But so often what we really mean 'as long as it fits and does not mess
with our plans,' for our group of people.
As I wrote at the end of my letter to you all in the summer: We need to remain
aware that we are moving on from managing an emergency; into a new kind of
reality for ministry and church life as together we continue to face this on-going
Coronavirus threat.
Be assured that you are all held in prayer.
Every blessing,

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