Welcome to the website of the Christchurch and Wimborne Methodist Circuit.

Who are we? We are made up of:

  • 15 churches running from Blandford in the west to Brockenhurst in the east
  • large, medium and small churches, all of whom are passionate about our purpose and vision
  • congregations who want to be disciples of Jesus Christ whoever we are and wherever we are
  • people who want to be together for worship, conversation and learning
  • people who want to welcome others

What else matters to us?

Life outside the church! You'll find us, for example.....

  • in schools,
  • in residential homes,
  • in youth centres,
  • in Wimborne square in the early hours of Saturday morning
  • wherever Methodists work and live, shop and swim.

The circuit's heartbeat is people across our churches whose lives have taken on board God's love, compassion, forgiveness and welcome of all and who want to try and live the ways of Jesus Christ. Supporting this vast army of people are 6 lay workers and 5 ministers.

Enjoy reading more about us on this website, and please get in touch if you want to know more.

The current CIRCUIT PLAN is always on this website but can be difficult to find if a lot of other documents have been posted on the site. Look first under the list of Latest Docs on the right hand side of this page, but if the Plan is not listed, go to the very bottom of this page and you will find a black button labelled Publications. Clicking on this will bring you the full list of documents available including the current Circuit Plan.

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Daily Bible Study

Ezekiel 16:59-63

Yet I will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish with you an everlasting covenant. (v. 60)

Registered Charity No: 1148455
visits in 2020: 1,756