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Worship resources for the second Sunday of Advent

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Revd Phil Dixon: for Worship Sheets, for Video and for Bible Study.

Advent greetings! Welcome to our second week of Advent 2021 resources. This week we are using Luke 3:1-6 with John the Baptist proclaiming a message of repentance to the people. His work echoes the prophecy in Isaiah, that there will be a voice crying out, "Prepare the way of the Lord". It is our hearts that are so much in need of preparation. Two questions we must ask ourselves, are we willing to accept this message and what needs to change?

The Worship sheets provide additional prayers and songs for the occasion and the preaching notes will enable you to go deeper into the subject of repentance. Diana Middleditch writes for us an excellent Bible study. Our concluding song, whilst not an "Advent classic" is absolutely relevant for this week as we sing of the need for us to exchange brokenness for beauty, for cold hearts to be melted and turn to God.

Please join me in praying that at this time of Advent we will reflect on our lives, may the paths of our hearts be clear and free from deeply held resentment or unforgiveness. Let us rejoice and celebrate our freedom from darkness as we worship together our Lord Jesus Christ.


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