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Every year the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul in Blandford host a Christmas Tree Competition, which is usually held in the church. However, due to COVID 19, the event has not been able to take place as normal. Did that deter the folk of the church? Certainly not. Though people can't go into the church they can walk around the town and look in the windows. So, this year they are having a Christmas Tree Trail Competition.

They set about inviting traders, businesses, schools and churches to, not only design a tree with the theme of Comfort and Joy, but this year they had to display the tree on their own premises except for the school trees which will be in the Old Bath House.

At the Methodist Church we felt it was something we would like to be involved in. Our Minister suggested that we knit angels and pin words on their fronts that relate to 'Comfort and Joy'.

With great gusto a group of ladies from the church, a lady from Lunch Club, Pauline and her friend knitted between them 84 angels. Jackie Brown was able to adapt the pattern to make a larger angel for the top of the tree. In the front window there are words from scripture that speak of God's comfort and joy

The trees will be on display and for you to judge from December 2nd until Christmas Eve. On the accompanying map of the town you will find all the entrants. To vote for your winning tree please click on the link below or copy and paste it to your browser to go to the voting page. The winners will be announced on Facebook on Christmas Eve.

To Vote: Click LINK or copy and paste:

So, if you feel like a pleasant walk with some Christmas cheer along the way do come to Blandford.

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