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Blandford Church Anniversary

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Sunday 2nd May, saw Blandford Methodist Church celebrate their Church Anniversary. The All-Age Worship Service was led by our own Minister Rev Pauline Crispin and focused on the reading from John Ch15 v 1-8 Jesus the real vine.

On the outside of the church, a banner was strung proclaiming 'Church Anniversary Today', (which passers-by stopped and read); there were anniversary balloons decorating the sanctuary and two wonderful flower arrangements in the church and hall.
One of the younger members of the congregation had celebrated a birthday earlier that week. Angela, our pianist and flower arranger, played Happy Birthday, after which those gathered joined in a round of applause.
Using a visual aid from her garden Pauline spoke about the need for the vine to be rooted for it to grow, as we needed to be rooted in Christ to grow as Christians. Covidly safe, everyone received a Worship Bulletin containing a word search, colouring page, decoder puzzle and crossword and a new packet of crayons. We were invited to complete the sheets either in the service or at home.
The hymns, all appropriate for the occasion, where on screen and yes it was tempting to join and sing but we all behaved ourselves. However, Pauline did invite us to stand and join her in saying and doing the actions to 'My God is a good God'.
At the end of the service, rather than leave through the church doors, people were asked to leave via the hall and on the way collect a fancy box containing a homemade iced cake (or was it a bun), which had an edible topping on it that said 'Blandford Methodist Church Anniversary'. Just little touches to make the service something special.


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