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Blandford Holiday at Home July 2022

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The theme for this year's Summer Holiday at Home, for the members of Blandford Methodist Church Lunch Club, was the four nations that make up The United Kingdom.

The 20 people gathered for the occasion began the morning with a cup of tea and homemade Welsh cakes, made by Margaret and in the afternoon the whole event was rounded off with tea and homemade Scottish shortbread made by Nadia.

In between there were icebreaker sessions, a variety of quizzes – the first being castles of the United Kingdom which proved to be rather tricky. There were fruit fish to be made, fun worksheets to complete, physical games that originated in the four nations to play and compete against each other.

We had Bog Snorkelling from Wales, Caber Tossing from Scotland, Hurling from Northern Ireland, and Boat Racing from England. There was even underarm Dorset Knob throwing instead of Wellie Whanging. Needless to say, all the activities were adapted for the surroundings and those participating. A good laugh was had by all and at the end of the day prizes were given to the winner of each event.

Before the afternoon session we tucked into a delicious lunch. Then Colin Besant kindly helped us all to make a wooden plaque with pre-cut shapes that eventually made the word 'PEACE'. This proved to be a bit like the Krypton Factor, but in the end, everyone succeeded in taking home something they could display and be proud of.

To close the day, we sang, a cappella, a variety of songs that came from the four nations, and I have to say a joyful sound could be heard coming from the church. All in all, we had a fun day enjoying each other's company sharing chat and laughter amongst friends.

Roll on the next one in December.


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