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On 27th and 28th August, Blandford Methodist Church hosted its annual summer Holiday at Home. There were 27 folk on the first day and 23 on the second, who went on the outing.

The Tuesday session began with a very important event – a cuppa and a biscuit. Then to find out a little bit more about each other, we took it in turns to select a length of wool from a box. There was to be no peeking. The wool came in a variety of lengths and the object of the icebreaker was to wind the wool around one finger every time you offered a fact about yourself. This was great fun, but there is always one joker in every pack and when it came to one of our chaps, who had a very short piece of wool, he said A-L-A-N and that was his wool well and truly wound.

To get our artistic juices flowing, we all had a go at designing and decorating our own shopping bag. Expert help was on hand from Marina, who runs a weekly art class in the church hall. Some folk traced their design, whilst others chose to do theirs free hand. What imagination was on display from musical notes, to Andy Capp, from flowers to amazing animals. The patchwork effect on the bag Barbara made was then going to be enhanced at home with a selection of buttons.

With no time to rest, the group moved onto making paper boxes. Joyce did a Blue Peter style demonstration by showing 'here's one I made earlier' before everyone's origami skills were put to the test. After successfully making the lid you should have heard the moans and groans when folk were told they now had to make the bottom. However, second time round they had all mastered the Japanese art of paper folding. The boxes were then decorated with stickers, flowers, buttons and other glittery bits and pieces.

It's obvious you can't just take home an empty box. Oh no. So, our next project was to produce chocolate truffles that would go into the boxes. There are some great images of people bashing, rolling and crushing the biscuits whilst Roy showed his pleasure at licking the spoon that was covered in condensed milk. Once the goodies were made, they were placed in the boxes ready to be taken home.

Whilst the ladies put the finishing touches to the Ploughman's Lunch, those assembled had a go at 'The What Is It' Quiz. This defiantly tested the little grey cells, but Bernice surpassed all the others to win a 'What Is It' prize. Well actually it was an expandable back scratcher.

After Lunch, when we could have all have done with a nap because we had eaten so much, we had three games of Beetle instead. It was a picture to see the concentration on folks faces as they tried hard to shake a six to get off the starting block. The Master Beetle player of the day was Ruth with a score of over 120, whereas Shirley won the booby prize with just 42. But, hey ho, it had been a good laugh.

Not wanting to let the grass grow under our feet we moved on to a session of Kurling. It was Reds verses Blues. In an exciting nail-biting final round between Karen & Doug, Doug proved to be the Champion Kurler for Holiday at Home August 2019. His prize of a box of salted caramel fudge, not quite the takeaway trophy for the display cabinet.

Some of the ladies chose to have a go at 'Guess the Biscuit' and 'Guess the Sweets' quiz, with Mary being the winner. Whilst giving out the answers, it brought back memories of favourite treats of years gone by.
To round off the day we had a farewell cup of tea and some flapjack. Doug thanked all the helpers Margaret, Alan, Rona, Sheila and Joyce for all their hard work and in return Joyce thanked all those present for attending and mentioned the next Holiday at Home in December. Which would just give them time to recover. With bags and boxes collected, it was time for people to wend their way home for a good earned rest.

Bright and early the following morning, 23 people arrived to catch the coach for a day out. Our driver Graham was a great chap, very helpful and chatty who took us first to Dobbie's Garden Centre at Overmoigne where we had tea/coffee and biscuits and a browse around the shop before heading off to the Lobster Pot Café at Portland Bill for lunch. As we headed to our destination all were able to appreciate the breath-taking views over Weymouth Bay as well the wonderful Dorset Countryside.

Lunch! Well when we left the restaurant, two hours later, let's just say a few of us resembled Mr Blobby. The portions where man sized, yet all extremely yummy. There were a few doggy bags taken home, but all agreed their lunch had been delicious and the service very good.

There was a short time for a powder break and a little present buying in the gift shop before we were whisked away to the Walled Garden at Moreton. Here folks wandered around the area looking at the flowers and the various sculptures before meeting up to do – guess what? That's it – you got a hole in one – we were having another drink but this time we also had a selection of cakes to nibble on.

Slightly later than planned, a weary group of travellers made their way back to Blandford. We had had a great time of fellowship and fun. The weather was extremely kind to us, the companionship truly blessing and next week we are all off to Slimmer's World.


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