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Christian Aid District COVID Vaccine Challenge

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The Southampton District have organised a challenge with Christian Aid in mind. As many of us are receiving the COVID vaccine, we are being invited to donate to the work of Christian Aid. This can be done via the District 'Giving Page'. Click HERE to access it.

Much of their work is across the world in areas where the vaccine will be rolled out in a much later and slower way than ours is being done. In order to ensure that the medical teams have all that they need to facilitate the roll-out of the vaccine the support from organisations like Christian Aid is vital.

The District has set a challenge of raising at least £2,600, representing our District number of 26. So please do give as generously as you can and spread the word to family, friends and community groups so that we ask everyone to share the joy of getting their own vaccine with sisters and brothers around the world. The District is working on a press release to go to local news outlets, and this should be available next week.

A suggested donation is £10 but please just give as you are able. (Note: click on "custom amount" to choose your preferred donation, and where it asks for platform fees you can select "other" and then "zero".)

Let us not only meet our target but smash through it as we journey through the next few months.

We also invite you to hold the work of Christian Aid in your prayers as they work on our behalf.


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