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Holtwood's arts & crafts afternoon

d day flowers

If you read verse two of hymn 726 in Singing the Faith, you will find it asks the poet, painter, music maker, artist, actor, graceful dancer to offer their God given talents in the service of the Lord. Now many of these gifts are in evidence in all of church life on a daily basis. But what about those gifts, those hobbies we enjoy that others know nothing about.

Well for two hours on Saturday 1st June the congregation at Holtwood shared with visitors from around the circuit their hidden skills and talents.

As you wandered around the church you had the opportunity to experience the intricacy of paper cutting, marvel at the patchwork quilting, cross-stitched pictures, jigsaws, and knitted figures: admire the beauty that photography has captured, be thrilled by paintings in a variety of mediums of stunning landscapes, portraits, and one that depicted the opening church in 1904. However, the piece de resistance was the stunning Besant family tapestry that took a year to complete. It certainly gives the Bayeux tapestry a run for its money.

The talents didn't stop there. With the 80th anniversary of D Day taking place this week there was a display of family memorabilia commemorating those who took part all those years ago. The flower display paying tribute to that period in history which was absolutely stunning. Landing craft on the beaches of Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha, and Utah made from chrysanthemums. Inspiring.

Then it was time to sit back and enjoy a cuppa whilst tucking into afternoon tea or one of the many homemade cakes on offer. Well, done Holtwood, an afternoon to remember.


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