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Tuesday 29th December 7.30pm

After our 2020 Christmas celebrations — whatever shape that will take — how about exercising your brain and, at the same time, have a bit of fun with your church friends? EACH CHURCH within the Christchurch & Wimborne Methodist circuit is invited to form a team (up to 6 adults) and pit their wits against the other churches.

The Quiz will take place via ZOOM, using Rev. Pauline Crispin's account. Barry & Becky Gransden will create and conduct the Quiz. It is essential that the continuing restrictions relating to Covid-19 pandemic are adhered to, and so a team will need to communicate with each other from within their own homes — there are a number of ways that this can be done easily.

Registration is direct to Barry & Becky (Tel: 01258 721886 or 07398264762), providing the details of your Team Name, Team Leader (telephone and email), and your church. Further details will be sent out to those competing, including ways in which teams could communicate remotely. Closing date for registration Monday 21st December. There is no entry fee.

Make no mistake — this is a competition! So, in addition to a bit of fun, just think....... your church could be the circuit's Quiz Champions for the whole of 2020!!!!!

Barry Gransden

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