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Janice Morgan sends the following information about the call to prayer:

You may or may not be aware of the call to prayer, which I have attached for your convenience.
A similar nationwide call for prayer was requested by petition to the Houses of Parliament early last year but sadly refused.
Having reached the devastating number of 100,000 deaths due to this vicious pandemic perhaps it is time to reiterate a national call to prayer?

I appreciate that many of us are perhaps busier than ever, however, using the Lord's prayer might be a simple and corporate way of praying the same thing at the same time in unity of spirit.
As the prayer that Jesus taught us it is both powerful and right with God in its simplicity.

Please join this call to prayer, in whatever way you are able, and pass this on to others. If ever there was a time to encourage the people to turn back to God, surely it must be now!

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