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Pauline Crispin (2)

Dear Friends around the Circuit,

I would very much like to thank you for all you continue to do for the life and wellbeing of the members and friends of our churches. I know that the Circuit Staff are continuing to work hard to maintain their ministries in these challenging times including, supporting and being concerned for people, offering different ways of being church and maintaining the worshiping, praying life and Pastoral care of the churches for which they are in pastoral charge. I, as Superintendent, know that I am very blessed to have a superb and fantastic team of colleagues, both Ordained and Lay.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the many others around the Circuit who are giving their time to keep things going. The pastoral visitors, Church and Circuit Stewards, Treasurers and administrators, those updating website and newsletters, the unseen people checking buildings and the many others who are making phone calls or shopping and caring for others. There are Local Preachers and many others who are finding additional time to study and reflect on the word of God. This list is not exhaustive. We can all use this gift of time to improve our own life of devotion.

I should like to convey, to you all, my appreciation for remaining positive during this period and my encouragement to persevere though these challenging times. We remain children of God and in His strength, we shall endure.

Every Blessing,
16 April 2020

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