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Presentations to Gwyneth on leaving this circuit over the past few weeks.

1&2) Wimborne Stewards presented a box of Tiffin to Gwyneth at her last Stewards' meeting, with their grateful thanks and best wishes for the future. Two weeks later they took her out for a meal at The Stocks and presented her with a cheque and a rose.

3) It's the turn of the residents from St Mary's Mews to send Gwyneth on her way with a generous gift and, of course, something to eat. Gwyneth takes a monthly service here, made possible by Methodist resident and church steward, Irene.

And this farewell is hot on the heels of Cherrett Court who treated Gwyneth to a 3 course lunch before her final communion service there, as well as a pile of vouchers to spend in her newly- found leisure time. Evelyn is the Methodist stalwart who has made these monthly visits possible for many years.

4) Ministers, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders gathered at Crowe Methodist Church for Gwyneth's last Local Preachers meeting in the this Circuit. For the past ten years under Gwyneth's supervision this meeting has changed beyond all recognition with the main emphasis now on Bible Study alongside discussion on topics relevant to today's society. Business has not been neglected, but it is now less prominent, and Pastoral concern for all is a major priority. The evening concluded with refreshments in the hall where Gwyneth was presented with a signed card, a gift voucher and a beautiful rose bush named Persican Hybrid and thanked profusely for all her hard work and dedication to the Local Preachers and Worship Leaders meetings

5&6) Hi Ten at Wimborne (monthly bible-based group on a Sunday for families) presented Gwyneth with a miniature mosaic cross – a replica of the large one in the church which was made by many children at the Easter Celebration day, and which Gwyneth really liked. The cross, mounted in a suitable frame, came accompanied by a box of Maltesers!

7) At Holtwood Methodist Church, Gwyneth led the evening service on 2nd June, when we were joined by Woodlands Methodist Church and several of our members who would not usually attend evening worship. We were the third Service that day and it followed a 29 and half mile walk across the Purbecks the previous day. Gwyneth must have been so tired but you never would have known it.
One of our members, Anne, had made a beautiful card which was signed by members and friends of Holtwood Methodist Church and this was presented with our sincere good wishes ,together with a garden container of flowers.

8) Wimborne's Women's Fellowship invited Gwyneth to the King's Head Hotel for tea on Friday May 24 – she could only spare an hour, but it was all meant to be very low key as we knew there were other events planned in the churches. We gave her a bowl of fruit and some chocolate cake (knowing she had a weakness for such things!) together with a signed card.
Our group now is very informal, meeting just once a month so that we all keep in touch, but with Gwyneth there were 19 of us there and we all enjoyed it.

And finally, following the evening Service at Woodlands on June 9th , the Revd Gwyneth Owen was presented with a beautifully wrapped parcel . On opening it she found a cool bag along with a matching picnic rug. This was well received as Gwyneth said she could use it when out and about in her campervan.

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