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Unknown Warrior

Dear Friends

As there will be services on the TV and radio for Remembrance, plus I have put together a video service, the link for which will be on the Circuit website by, I trust, Saturday evening, I thought that I would just send this account out. David Kendall is a member at Wimborne Methodist Church, and by clicking HERE you can read a first-hand account written by his father about the story of the Unknown Soldier.

Thanks to David for sharing this account from 100 years ago this week. It might evoke to our thoughts the anonymous servants of Christ there have been down the years. Those nameless people who have done so much behind the scenes. In our churches and in the world. The unidentified people who have witnessed for God's Kingdom. Including those who continue to do so much for the good of others without being recognised and thanked. They go without praise and so often without acknowledgement. As you read this, you might recall times when your service has gone un-notice or unrewarded, therefore you too join the ranks of the anonymous servants. Nevertheless, ultimately, they and you are acclaimed and known by God.

Every Blessing

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