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Worship at H

My Dear Friends,

We are in the season of new life, of resurrection, and our cry continues to be: Alleluia, Christ is risen! ....He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Please join me and each other in this time of worship together at 10.30am on Sunday. As is in previous weeks, the "video clip" is supplementary to the Worship at Home sheets, so can be watched before or after the main service and with the gift of technology can be watched more than once.

This weeks Worship at Home sheets contain prayers that can be used throughout the week in the mornings and evenings, perhaps in our current days of uncertainty these prayers will bring a sense of God's peace and presence into your daily living.

May you be blessed today and always, as we worship together our risen saviour.


Video Clip here:

Worship at Home sheets here:

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