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Video & Worship at Home sheets for 14 February

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My Dear Friends,

Welcome to our sixth and final week in the series: "Discipleship Lessons from the gospel of Luke". This week, using Luke 10: 38-42, we meet Mary and Martha in their home as they provide hospitality to Jesus and the disciples. How we long for, in these days of separation and distancing, to be able to offer hospitality to one another but take heart, that day will surely come. Our title is: "Choices" and we consider the so called choice these sisters make and how over the years this has been characterised between either active and busy service or quietness, learning and reverence.

At the conclusion of the video we provide a very short summary of the six weeks and I encourage you to continue to interact with this teaching and learn these essential lessons of Discipleship from Jesus. This week the video is introduced by Rev David Ellis and from his many years of experience he provides us with his understanding and reflection on the passage. The Bible study for this week is very kindly written by Norman Bonnett, I believe that there is so much to be gained from joining one of our weekly groups to informally discuss and share what we are reading and hearing. Please contact me for more information by clicking "reply" to this email.

Be blessed as we meet together virtually and spiritually, using all of these resources to worship our great and loving God.
Your partner in the gospel,

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