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Video & Worship @ Home, 20 December

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Welcome to our fourth and final Sunday of Advent. The theme for this final week is appropriately "Love". Bethlehem is in sight and we are eagerly awaiting the birth of Jesus in whom we place all of our hope, trust and love.

Mark Greene from the LICC reads a beautiful poem called "Gravity", Angela reads our passage; John 14:15-24 and we have a very appropriate song to conclude, which I encourage you to sing and dance to. Each week of Advent we have begun the video with the song: "Light a candle in a darkened place" adding a verse and a candle as we journey together. Norman has written the Bible study and I hope you will find it a blessing as you engage with it. We now have three virtual groups that meet over zoom each week to discuss these studies and offer support and prayers to one another, should you wish to join a group please let me know.

These past nine months have been very difficult and restrictive for us all, my hope is that the resources we have been providing you with have helped you draw closer to God and remind you that you are rooted into a loving and learning church community. It is very important that we listen to any comments/suggestions you may have and in the absence of being able to gather together fully to do so may I ask that you click on this address and complete a very short anonymous survey- it should take no longer than two minutes. Thank you.

Be blessed as we share in these resources together and worship God.

See the Worship at Home sheets by clicking here

See the Bible Study notes for the week by clicking here


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