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Worship @ Ho

My Dear Friends,

This is week 2 of our preaching series on Matthew chapter 7, we will be using the text concerning: "asking, seeking and knocking" found in verses 7-12. As with last week we will conclude the preaching with another verse of the song that accompanies this passage. Please continue to watch the video clip after the preaching as we have included the international prayer initiative "Thy Kingdom Come" version of Amazing Grace.

You will probably have your own preferred way of engaging with these resources, however I suggest you begin with the Worship at Home sheets at 10.30am to the point of the Bible reading and the preaching notes then use the full video including the song at the end, the words of which are on the sheets.

I pray that you will be blessed as we worship God together,
Yours, in the service of Jesus Christ,

The Worship at Home sheets can be found HERE

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