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Video & Worship @ Home, Revd Phil Dixon 1 November

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My Dear Friends,

"Praise the Lord who has not left you without a Redeemer..." (Ruth 4:14). We celebrate with Ruth and Boaz in their wedding and the subsequent birth of Obed. We rejoice with Naomi whose bitterness has turned to joy as she nurses the baby who will provide her with nourishment in her old age (Ruth 4:15).

Margaret, Coraine and Derek bring for you a fun and joyful song of worship, Malcolm reads the scripture section and Diana provides the associated Bible study. The video concludes with a summary of the four weeks we have spent in Ruth and highlights the key verses from each week. This week's video begins with the music from a very famous wedding, I wonder if you will know which one?

Be blessed as we use these resources to worship our God who brings Joy into our lives even during the darkest of times.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

See the Worship at Home sheets by clickinghere

See the Bible Study notes for the week by clicking here


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