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Advent 2 - P

My Dear Friends,

I have the pleasure of sending you Advent Greetings and providing you with the "Second Sunday of Advent" worship resources. This week's theme is Peace.

The "What Christmas means to me" message is provided by Tanya Walker of the Zacharias Trust, Local Preacher and Church Steward Diana Middleditch preaches from Luke 1: 26-38 and the Bible Study is provided by Judith Allebon. We begin, as with each Sunday of Advent, with our music group singing "Light a Candle", we add an additional verse each Sunday as we progressively light the candles to signify our journey to Bethlehem and our growing anticipation. Using the Worship at Home sheets alongside the video will help with the understanding and significance of all that we are doing. We conclude the video with "Make me a channel of Your Peace".

I sign off with the Advent cry: Come Lord Jesus!


See the Worship at Home sheets by clicking here

See the Bible Study notes for the week by clicking here

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