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Video & Worship @ Home, Revd Phil Dixon, 8 November

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My dear friends,

This Remembrance service is a combined work between ourselves (Highcliffe and Bransgore Methodists), Bransgore Community Church and St Mary's, the Bransgore Parish church. I hope you will agree with me that it is so important on occasions such as this we come together as Christians, putting aside "denomination" or parochial feelings of "my church" and join as one, just as they who have died were joined to one common cause, the pursuit of peace.

It will be "Premiered" (meaning it begins at a set time) at 10:30am on Sunday, this has been done so that the laying of wreaths, the traditional words of remembrance, the silence and Last Post all come at the expected time and we are unified in our observance, thereafter the video is available to be watched again anytime. Please use the Worship at Home sheets as an accompaniment to the video service, it is not an exact word for word transcript of the video and is written to be used alongside it. There is no Bible study this week.

May you be blessed as we worship God and remember our fallen.


See the Worship at Home sheets by clicking here


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