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Dear Friends,
Welcome to our celebration of the Harvest! Many of us will have such fond memories of Harvest times from the past and of course this year's celebration is very different but please know that God is still sovereign over all of His creation despite our current circumstances. Genesis 8 reminds us of God's words to Noah following the great flood: "as long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease". When we plant seeds of hope, love and faith we will reap a harvest from God of much blessing; conversely, seeds of dissention, unkindness and selfishness will result in despair and decline. Let us today choose to plant with our words and actions seeds of hope, love and faith and encourage one another to live a life of unity in the Body and work to make disciples in the name of our Lord Jesus.

We are blessed by the resources of All We Can, scripture readings from Kathy and Angela, preaching from Diana and some encouraging words about the current work of All We Can from Win. This week's Bible study is based on Psalm 112 and is provided for us by Kathy.

Be blessed as we celebrate together the Harvest,


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