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Video & Worship @ Home Sheets, 7 February

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My Dear Friends,

Welcome to the fifth week in our series: "Discipleship Lessons from the gospel of Luke". This week, we encounter what, for many of us, is a very familiar story from Luke 10: 25-37, our title is: "A Life of Love and Service". The problem with "the very familiar" is that we can sometimes lose the original meaning and purpose, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" is the question asked of Jesus.

These worship resources -the video, the Worship at Home sheets and the Bible study- are provided faithfully to you each week to give a fuller, connected and, God willing, a deeper understanding of our calling and relationship with God, learning some essential lessons about being a disciple of Jesus whilst at the same time entering His presence in heartfelt love and worship. As disciples of Jesus we are called to actively participate with Him and each other, there are many ways in which you can do so -even from a distance or if you are part of another local fellowship. The weekly discussion groups, the Tuesday morning prayer meeting and, starting very shortly for Lent, the new Discipleship Explored sessions. All are welcome at any of these on-line gatherings.

Be blessed as we meet together virtually and use all of these resources to worship God.
Your fellow labourer in Christ Jesus,

See the Worship at Home sheets by clicking here

See the Bible Study notes by clicking here


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