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Worship resources for Sunday 7th November

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Revd Phil Dixon: for Worship Sheets, for Video and for Bible Study.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Welcome to the final week in our series, "The Renewed Christian Character" using Paul's first letter to the church in Thessalonica. To address you today as "brothers and sisters" is to use the term that Paul uses five times in these verses in giving the message to this church. It implies a strong sense of "family" and being "invested" in the community. Like family, sometimes we may disagree and fall out but we must be quick to reconcile and "always seek to do good to one another".

The resources for this whole theme of Christian Character using Thessalonians has been informed partly from the work of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC). This week's Bible study is provided by the LICC. Picking up Paul's exhortation to the Thessalonians to "rejoice always" we conclude the video by singing "Rejoice the Lord is King" from the worship group Emu music, with thanks to them for providing it for us. Thank you also to Kathy, Jean, Diana and Norman who have kindly provided the excellent Bible studies throughout this series.

Last week I informed you of Nicola's critical condition in hospital and I have now to share the news that she is with our Lord, free from pain and the troubles of this world. Nicola was a committed preacher of God's Word and a faithful disciple of Jesus. We will miss her greatly, however we know where, and with Whom, she is.

Please take to your heart Paul's words at verse 27 to "read this whole letter" perhaps a few times over and consider the five titles we have used (evangelism, endurance, behaviour, hope and community). Be blessed as we worship God and share together in His promise of a renewed Christian Character, given freely by the Holy Spirit.


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