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Worship@Home resources for 3rd October

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Revd Phil Dixon: for Worship@Home Sheets, for Video and for Bible Study.

This is the final week of our journey with Nehemiah, we have titled it, "The Greatest Celebration." It is a celebration for the restoration of the city walls that give safety, clear boundaries and glory to God, but much more than this, it is a restoration of the relationship between the Creator God and His creation -us. It is so appropriate that we bring our traditional Harvest into this great celebration and consider the great truths of planting, nurturing and reaping. The people's devotion and reverence to God combined with repentance, prayer, wise leadership, determination and perseverance enabled the God given vision of the Holy City to be completed and what an amazing and joyful celebration it will be.

Thanks go to all who have contributed to this series, the preachers who have written the preaching notes, the stewards for their encouragement and guidance, our musicians and singers and our "At Home" group hosts who have contributed the Bible Studies. Thanks also to each of you for joining with us as we have travelled from Susa to Jerusalem, from despair and disgrace to joy, from weakness and persecution to strength and victory. God's vision and presence has returned to a now faithful people – fully restored, a perfect picture for us of the church and the restoration work undertaken by Jesus on the cross and through His resurrection.


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