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Worship@Home resources for Sunday 26th September

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Revd Phil Dixon: for Worship@Home Sheets, for Video and for Bible Study.

This is the penultimate week in our series on the restoration lessons we can learn from the book of Nehemiah. This week the priest Ezra comes into the action and we realise that all along this has been far more than just a restoration of broken down walls but the restoration of lives, the "restoring of the people." Chapter 8 is a turning point in the book and begins with the reconnecting of the people with God, restoring what was lost, turning the "disgrace" from chapter 1 to "great rejoicing" (8:12). This passage and the people's response is the perfect introduction to next week's "Greatest Celebration" harvest service.

Thanks go to Deacon Paul Wayne who writes this week's preaching notes in the Worship at Home sheets and Local Preacher and "At Home" group host Diana Middleditch who provides the Bible Study. The video concludes with the beautiful worship song, "Shout to the Lord."

Be blessed as we use these resources to worship God and make our own response to His offer of restoration.


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