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Testimony-Les Quaintance

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In 1960 Billy Graham, the American Evangelist, held a meeting at Maine Road, Manchester. My wife persuaded me to take her to the meeting, much against my will. We attended the meeting with our four year old daughter. The meeting and the sermon by Billy Graham meant nothing to me and after the meeting we left for home. My wife was upstairs getting our daughter ready for bed, I was in the front room on the sofa. Suddenly the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ came into my life, I collapsed in floods of tears. The next day Jesus was with me and He was my father. Up until the time when Jesus came into my life, I had a very sinful life. I was brought up in extreme poverty by a wonderful mother and a serving soldier father. My father was a dreadful man as husband and father. From the day that Jesus came into my life he has never left me and led me on the right paths as a Christian disciple and church life. This, to me, is a miracle. Les


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