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"At Home" Bible study groups

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These groups began during the enforced separation of the pandemic in early 2020 and very quickly became an integral part of our life together. Even in times when we can now physically gather, being able to join on-line from our homes (hence the "At Home" name) is so much more convenient and practical for many of us.

During seasons of themed preaching these studies draw us deeper into the particular passage from the weekly worship and gives an opportunity to share together our thoughts and see other perspectives. Groups such as this were the foundation upon which Methodism took firm root and flourished. John Wesley discovered that when we join together to discuss scripture and the ways it impacts our everyday lives our spiritual lives grow and we become closer to God -we grow in holiness. These groups are for all and all are encouraged to attend, this is where Christians are nurtured, discipled, and equipped.

Monday "At Home" group meets every Monday at 7pm to 8pm

Thursday "At Home" group meets every Thursday at 10:30am to 11:30am

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