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Sunday Worship at Wimborne
The written service this week is by Mrs Joyce WILD. There is also a video of this service — just press play.
Joyce is a member of Blandford Methodist Church and one of our circuit Local Preachers

Video & Worship @ Home
Revd Phillip DIXON
Introduction, Video, Worship Sheets and Bible Study Notes. The video will commence at 10.30 am on Sunday morning.
In addition there is a Video of an Advent Special service — "Chrismon" — by Deacon Glenda Sidding which will commence at 5.30 pm on Sunday evening

A Video Reflection by Dr Christopher SLADE
On Mark 13:24-37

Lectionary Thoughts
On Sunday's second service

Sunday Scriptures
Revd Janice MORGAN
Isaiah 64:1-9 A plea for God's presence

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