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Colehill Methodist Church
Lonnen Road, Colehill, Wimborne, BH21 7AT
Contact: Rev'd Gwyneth Owen
  • Dec 16th, 3:00 pm - (Carol Service / Local Arrangement)
  • Dec 23rd, 10:30 am - Mr Brian Skelley
  • Dec 30th, 10:30 am - Miss Caroline Churcher
  • Jan 6th, 3:00 pm - Rev'd Gwyneth Owen (Covenant Service)

Welcome to the website page for Colehill Methodist Church. Hello. We used to be two separate churches very much doing our own thing, even though we were not much more than a mile apart. In 2014 we started to work together more closely and, as from September 2016, we are now worshipping in the Colehill premises and will sell the Broomhill premises. At our church council meeting in October 2016, we decided to keep the name of Colehill, as this is the village where the building is situated.

So, what makes us tick? Worshipping and praying together; eating together — we do love our food; trying to live out our faith in practical ways like supporting the Foodbank and other charities in this country and abroad. We've knitted loads of prayer shawls and given them away to people we know need encouragement and support.

We like to welcome people onto the premises and we try to be imaginative. So, we have Christmas tree festivals, teas for carers and those for whom they care and monthly coffee mornings where we provide quiches, cakes and all sorts of goodies for people to buy, take home and use over the coming week.

Every Monday morning at 11am we meet to pray and talk and listen and drink coffee. We are open to ways of taking God's love and welcome into the community and will soon be going into a residential home once a month to hold a short service. We have monthly Bible studies, weekly table tennis and Pilates and.....well, come and see us, find out more and make your own suggestions as to what else we could do.