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Compassion UK

Compassion is unique in that it is: Christ centred, child focused and church-based.

In 1952 a man called Everett Swanson was in worn- torn Korea. In watching a worker scoop up what looked like piles of rugs and throw them into the back of a truck, he realised that the piles were not rags but the frozen bodies of orphans who had died overnight in the street. He was moved with compassion and decided he had to move on this. He made a decision to find a way of helping them. He raised money to support a Korean orphanage and soon established a unique programme linking each Korean orphan with a caring individual who generously provided for their education, food, clothing, shelter and medical needs so' Compassion' was born.

Compassion's aim is to link children who have desperately poor backgrounds with a loving local church and a caring sponsor. Children are supported in four key areas of development: physical, emotional, spiritual and economical.

Each child is given personal encouragement through letters and prayers and is supported from childhood to adult hood. The whole family benefits with food on the table and in other ways. Currently Compassion supports 1.7 million children in their program and they partner with nearly 7,000 local churches in 26 countries.

  • Each Sponsored Child receives:
  • The love and prayers of a local church.
  • Medical checks and nutritional support.
  • Vocational training.
  • Letters and photos from sponsor translated into their own language
  • Through their own local church, children have a Bible or age-appropriate portions of scripture which enables them to hear the gospel.

We hope to sponsor a good number of children through the personal commitment of individuals. In addition, using church funds we will commit to support financially a much needed long term project in the same area/ village that our sponsored children live. Individual contributions can be made through an envelope system. The East African country of Tanzania has emerged as our country of choice. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world with an increasing population. There is a lack of proper education, severe and life-threatening diseases such as TB, HIV/AIDS and Malaria. 30 million people have no access to clean water particularly in the rural areas and lack of employment is common because there is little access to proper education.

Over the next few months we shall keep you updated and focused on our project in Tanzania and ask you to prayerfully consider a commitment to sponsor a child and change that child's life by making them feel loved and cared for and in so doing shine the light of hope. See their work by clicking here

We have a dedicated webpage that gives details of the children that are awaiting a sponsor. Click here and see who is waiting for you to release them from the crushing poverty that limits their futures.


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