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Pace Trust


PACE (Programme for Applied Christian Education) support the work of schools in our BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole) region.

We are privileged to be closely involved in the work of PACE as one of our three Mission Partners. The work of PACE falls into two distinct areas:

Schoolwork- Partnering with churches to help children explore the Christian faith through assemblies, lessons, discussions, lunchtime and after-school clubs.

Pastoral – Providing professional supervision to the school's Pastoral Care Workers, Senior Leadership Team members and Designated Safeguarding Leads in schools.

As schools are returning to normality after the Covid pandemic mental health and wellbeing issues have grown, this makes the need for well planned and resourced Pastoral work more necessary than ever.

PACE arrange their journey with schools under the heading: "Setting the PACE" with three easy to understand pace related categories, namely:

Approaching- We're reaching out/exploring how we might serve

Walking – Visits have started but are infrequent/irregular

Running – Visits are frequent/regular

PACE are currently serving 79% of the 85 primary schools in BCP
Approaching 18, Walking 17, Running 50.
In our area of Christchurch: Approaching 3, Walking 1, Running 8

PACE are currently serving 50% of the 34 secondary schools in BCP
Approaching 17, Walking 9, Running 8.
In our are of Christchurch: Approaching 3, Walking 3, Running 0.

From the additional funds raised from the weekly giving in "Mission Envelopes" to May 2022, £400 will be allocated to PACE. As children move from primary (year 6 ) to secondary school PACE undertake transition lessons to help these 10-11 year olds prepare for what, for many, is an anxious move. The funds will pay for a very helpful Christian book that will be given to each child taking part in the lesson.


Registered Charity No. 1148455

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