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Our refurbished Sanctuary was completed in December 2022.

  • The area is now a versatile space which is ideal for concerts, meetings, talks and conferences.
  • The 125 chairs are movable and stackable so that the area can be organised to provide a large open space if needed. Extra chairs can be brought into the area if required.
  • The dais can be used as a stage with extra movable blocks to extend the stage area.
  • There is a screen which comes down at the back of the dais and an AV system is also available.
  • A grand piano can be used for concerts etc.
  • There is a folding screen between the Sanctuary and the Fielding Room which can be opened to provide a larger space.
  • Folding tables are available in the Fielding Room which can be used in the Sanctuary.
  • Toilets, including disabled, are available.
  • The Fielding Room / Foyer / Kitchen can be booked at an extra fee to provide further facilities.


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